technical setup

Vessels have many different data sources and relevant data can come from other sources than the vessel itself as well. The PHAROS data logger is installed on the vessel and has plugins for over 600 different PLCs and more than 100 industrial communication protocols. Now practically all your assets can be connected. The Software brings the smart Tag setup. This way you can cherrypick across thousands of signals produced during operation. After cropping and encrypting the data it is sent to your SVO cloud. Here data is made available to your operation. With the embedded API configurator data can be shared with (and retrieved from) all your common IT tools. Now you start to automate workflows and optimize information sharing with relevant stakeholders. 

The SVO cloud is equipped with an industrial data analytics and visualization tool enabling data storage, analytics, and visualization. Empowering you to create meaningful dashboards, set alarms & triggers, and capture meaningful operational insights that optimize operations.

Not looking for complex stuff? Just start with one of the many tested setups giving access to prepared dashboard templates.
From fleet, vessel, and asset tracking all the way up to fuel and emissions performance monitoring. The prepared algorithms and AI models will open up detailed information your operation has never had access to before.

Supported by an expert from TechBinder or one of the value-adding partners SVO is the Swiss army knife for all maritime operations that aims to digitize operations.

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Basic data logging architecture

PHAROS Dataloggers
PHAROS is named after the first-ever built lighthouse meant to guide vessels safely from sea to shore. In essence, the PHAROS does the same only empowered by the latest technologies.
There are different sizes so you always have a PHAROS suitable for your needs.

Custom maritime data logger


Fit for purpose data logger

For: OEM, SI, and service companies that aim to build a digital offer/improve their operation.

Only available from >10 similar assets

Price: depends on application

PHAROS Light Small maritime data logger


Small sized datalogger

For:  OEM, SI, and service companies that aim to build a digital offer/improve their operation.

Connectable to One data source

Price: € 1.500,-

Medium maritime data logger


(mobile) Medium-sized datalogger

For: Inland vessels, Tugs, and OSV-like vessels.

connectable to three data sources & different extensions

Price €4.300,- 

Full size maritime datalogger


Full sized datalogger

For: All maritime & offshore operations  

Highly scalable infrastructure enabling endless possibilities and extensions

Price: €8.700,-