technical setup

Vessels have many different data sources and relevant data can come from other sources than the vessel itself as well. Data can be retrieved from the vessel, from cloud locations and any other available API. All the data is synchronized and structured in the SVO Cloud. So that you as a user do not have to manually search and import data from different locations. Each data point is enriched with metadata for an easy search and can be called up at all times. This way standard dashboards are enabled and your teams can effectively root cause incidents.

Smart Vessel Optimizer makes sure the right data is captured and made available for wider use. The SVO cloud is designed to be an open platform so that you can easily share data with any other IT tool out there. Enabling your value chain partners with relevant information as well. 

PHAROS is installed on the vessel.
The PHAROS makes any vessel a ‘smart’ vessel. The setup can be connected to practically all industrial PLCs and communication protocols available on the vessel. The embedded software picks up specific signals from vessel data sources. The PHAROS structures, encrypt and sort the data and add meta information to each tag before sharing it is shared with the SVO Cloud. in case there is no suitable connection, data is stored in the PHAROS and shared at a later stage. This prevents missing data so decision-makers have the full picture. Edge computing can be done on the PHAROS.   

This setup enables you to manage data from the most extreme data sources in one environment. Data ownership stays with you so you can decide if and what you like to share. 

Supported by a TechBinder consultant, this information contributes to the effectiveness of your whole value chain. From maintenance and planning to boardroom decision-makers and can be used to automate workflows.

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