Introducing Smart Vessel Optimizer

During operation, thousands of signals and data points are generated and lost right away. This is a waste of information as these same signals can be used to support different processes within the maritime value chain. Smart Vessel Optimizer is created to capture important signals to support your operation. Whether it is to gain a better grip on the vessel’s whereabouts, fuel & emissions, to investigate incidents or asset malfunctions, or to automate reports and workflows. SVO offers the infrastructure to do so. Based on proven industrial technology and adapted specifically for maritime purposes. SVO has an open approach so data can be shared (automatically) amongst other IT tools, different departments or with value chain partners. You have full ownership and management of your data as we believe that this is a vital part of your competitive advantage. The solution is created with a scalable mindset. So whether you want to start small, or with monitoring just one asset or go for full fleet tracking we are sure to be able to offer the right solution for your goals. When adopting the Smart Vessel Optimizer solution you become part of the SVO network as well. Giving you access to different partners and users that continuously develop new possibilities based on the standardized infrastructure. 

There are already many different applications available so to gain an updated overview please contact us to share thoughts and see a demonstration.


Smart Vessel Optimizer offers different ways to share insights. Using reports, alarms, augmented reality or via one of the many different dashboard templates each for different purposes. These can be used for a quick start and meet specific goals. TechBinder and its partners offer a wide set of services with specific values for all companies in the maritime value chain. Your teams can develop their own insights in the SVO environment or in 3rd party IT tools. Because the setup is created on the biggest open industrial IoT platform in the world we offer a flexible infrastructure with fast innovation options. Created by TechBinder, partners and users. 

Together with our partners, we have set an impressive roadmap with new features and functionalities so you can innovate at your own pace and cherrypick what functionality would bring your operation to the next level.