Data driven fleet optimization

A vast number of factors influence the efficiency of maritime operations. With ever-changing regulations, fluctuating fuel prices, high Opex and Capex spending’s and growing customer demands it is vital to keep your operation as efficient and effective as possible. Data coming from relevant vessel assets provide insights that enable vessel owners to act much faster and make better decisions. Embedding these insights in your operation allows a constant improvement feedback loop that results in higher profits, safer operations and less impact on the planet.

Smart Vessel Optimizer is designed to unlock already available data sources and translate them to information that helps you to optimize your maritime operations while providing vital performance insights. The technology used is developed for the same purpose in industrial environments and is constantly updated for the last 40 years. TechBinder converted this technology specifically for maritime operations. It provides insights on both fleet and individual vessel operational performance focussing on operational, technical, financial and ecological performance.

Start today using our plug and play solution and enjoy the freedom to:

– Grow the system at your own speed
– Make use of our 90 plus predefined Maritime performance KPI’s
– Develop the insights yourself in a tool your team prefers
– Create better dashboards by connecting or adding extra data sources

We introduce the PHAROS ONE

PHAROS was the first lighthouse built in Egypt to give vessels a safe passage. The PHAROS ONE does exactly that and much more using state of the art technology this is a plug and play data logging system giving vital insights of your fleet and vessels operational performance. Allowing the owner to take learnings from its best performing vessel and make the rest of its fleet benefit from them. Installing the PHAROS ONE can be done by anyone and gives asses to a continuous improvement process repeating four steps:

  1. Connect to data sources
  2. Collect data over time
  3. Analyse information
  4. Act upon learnings


Use the Smart Vessel Optimizer setup 

All data is stored in a best in class historian in the cloud making it easily approachable by any BI tool in the market. Allowing customers to make use of the prepared Smart Vessel Optimizer dashboards envisioning >90 prepared maritime performance KPI’s. And users can develop and build their own dashboards from there. TechBinder is developing easy to adopt TVDA’s and dashboard functionality on a daily basis. We have visuals ready that give vessel operators a near real-time update of the fleet, vessel and critical asset information concerning:

Operational performance
Technical/maintenance status
Ecological performance
Financial status