Supporting maritime operations

As maritime businesses strive to improve the bottom line and gain competitive advantage, improving operational efficiency is one of the key objectives for shipping operations. This requires vessels to run at peak productivity levels and at maximum capacity at the right time while also ensuring compliance with HSE regulations. Inefficient maintenance programs and poorly maintained assets are a needless burden, leading to increased operational costs and unexpected business disruptions. Smart Vessel Optimizer drives these challenges by utilizing new digital technology.

Adding value to the whole shipping value chain

What is SVO?

SVO gives maritime operators a detailed overview of their vessels performance and highlights areas of improvement throughout the whole fleet. You can start tomorrow with our PHAROS module and from there on grow without limitations to fit your business needs. 


How do we do this?

By bringing data from many different data sources together in a structured way valuable operational information can be shown in dashboards or reports. Your teams are able to create insights on the fly and feed specific data into their own IT tools or share it with value chain partners to alighn operations. 

What do you get?

With the Plug-and-Play vessel infrastructure called PHAROS, any vessel & asset can be made ‘smart’ meaning that it will share valuable information with your operation right away. Giving your teams access to live and historic performance data with the ability to run analytics and build performance dashboards. 

Who can benefit?

Smart Vessel Optimizer is build on the biggest open industrial data platform available. By working with our standardized visualisation templates anyone in the maritime value chain can access relevant data. On top of that, anyone can create their own visuals or connect SVO with existing IT tools. 

  • Create detailed insights for better business decisions
  • Improve profit
  • Decreace Opex
  • Automate manual reporting 
  • Remotely support crew 
  • Maximize vessel uptime
  • Decrease environmental footprint
  • Improve newbuild vessel design
  • Integrate with your IT tools
  • Optimize planning and operations
  • Build your own dashboards 

Tools we offer within Smart Vessel Optimizer

  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Vessel Benchmarking
  • Lifecycle analytics
  • Financial reporting
  • Custom alarms 
  • Remote crew support
  • Condition-based and predictive maintenance
  • Trend analytics
  • Augmented Reality field instructions
  • On the fly analytics