Digital maritime operations

Digital driven maritime operations

As maritime businesses strive to improve the bottom line and gain competitive advantage, improving operational efficiency is one of the key objectives for shipping operations. This requires vessels to run at peak productivity levels and at maximum capacity at the right time while also ensuring compliance with HSE regulations. Inefficient maintenance programs and poorly maintained assets are a needless burden, leading to increased operational costs and unexpected business disruptions. Smart Vessel Optimizer provides detailed live and historical information to prevent and act upon these challenges to secure your competitive advantage.

Maximize grip on maritime operations and continuously improve performance

What is SVO?

SVO improves maritime operations by harvesting detailed information from vessels. Its first purpose is to improve and speed up decision-making to reduce operational risks while increasing efficiency. But with SVO in your operation, many possibilities can be unlocked. Like optimize maintenance planning, workflow automation, (predictive) analytics, (remote) crew support, effective root cause/incident analytics, value chain optimization and much more.

How do we do this?

SVO is designed to create an efficient data pipeline from the vessel to shore. Using the PHAROS infrastructure, data is harvested from different on-board sources. It is structured, encrypted, cropped, and enriched before shared with the SVO Cloud. Data ownership is with you. Data is now available to be shared with existing IT tools or used in the SVO Dashboard templates. Information is made available for any stakeholder in your value chain.

What do you get?

Direct access to actionable information that supports better and faster decision-making and creates more grip on your operation. An up-to-date overview of your vessel’s whereabouts. The status of (critical) assets and proactive warnings. Use dashboard templates or create your own data visualization, set alarms, root cause problems, automate workflows, and more. Information on any device, anywhere in the world, with the right person.  

Who can benefit?

Smart Vessel Optimizer is based on an open structure. This means that anyone that you believe benefits from the information can be enabled. While you have full ownership of your data. There are small setups available for OEM and system integrators that want to offer remote services. And there are more extended options for vessel owners and operators. The scalable setup allows you to start small and evolve with the speed and direction your operation needs.