technical setup

Vessels have many different data sources and relevant data can come from other sources than the vessel itself as well. Smart Vessel Optimizer makes sure the right data is captured, stored and structured for whider use. Smart Vessel Optimizer exists out of two major parts. The PHAROS installed on the vessel and the SVO cloud. 

The PHAROS can be connected to practically all industrial PLCs and communication protocols available on the vessel. The embedded software can pick up specific I/O’s from each system. The PHAROS structures, encrypts and sorts the data and adds meta information to each tag before sharing it with the SVO Cloud. If desired some Edge computing can be done inside the PHAROS. This way the SVO Cloud has structured data to work with. 

The SVO Cloud offers many dashboard templates each for specific purposes. Data can be enriched with data sources coming from other (IT) tools using API’s. This is as well the way to share data from the SVO Cloud with 3rd party tools. 

This setup enables you to structure and manage data from the most extreme data sources in one environment. Data ownership is with our users so your teams can decide if and what you like to share. 

Supported by a TechBinder consultant, this information contributes to the effectiveness of your whole value chain. From maintenance and planning to boardroom decision-makers.

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