Introducing the PHARos

With the Plug-and-Play vessel infrastructure called PHAROS, any vessel & asset can be made ‘smart’ meaning that it will share valuable information with your operation right away. Giving your teams access to live and historic performance data with the ability to run analytics and build performance dashboards. Data that runs through the PHAROS is sorted, structured, cropped and encrypted before being shared with your Smart Vessel Optimizer cloud. With the inbuilt store and forward mechanism data is kept when connectivity is not sufficient enough and shared with your cloud when connectivity comes back up. So even seagoing journeys can be monitored with normal 4/5G if desired. If you request more real-time updates a satellite connection can be used. 

We offer two different set-ups The PHAROS ONE and PHAROS Compact. Both can harvest data from 600 different PLC types and from 103 communication protocols. This way we can make use of all the data sources that are already available on the vessel.

The PHAROS Compact is designed for an easy start and is capable of sampling up to 50 measurements every five seconds from a maximum of three different systems. The Compact can be made fit for purpose of analysing a specific asset or deployed for a specific period in time. The Compact is extremely suitable for inland vessels and maritime system integrators that want to develop a digital proposition. 

The PHAROS ONE has unlimited capability and can channel all valuable data from any asset to shore. It comes with embedded sensors making and can be extended with edge computing. The PHAROS ONE is extremely suitable for seagoing vessels, workboats and vessels with specific topsites (dredging, pipelayers etc)

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Smart Vessel Optimizer offers different ways to share insights. Using reports, alarms, augmented reality or via one of the many different dashboard templates each for different purposes. These can be used for a quick start and meet specific goals. TechBinder and its partners offer a wide set of services with specific values for all companies in the maritime value chain. Your teams can develop their own insights in the SVO environment or in 3rd party IT tools. Because the setup is created on the biggest open IoT platform in the world we offer a flexible infrastructure with fast innovation options. Created by TechBinder, partners and users. 

Together with our partners we have set an impressive roadmap with new features and functionalities so you can innovate at your own pace and cherrypick what functionality would bring your operation to the next level.

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